Friday, 8 September 2017

Hammer Horror Films Come To Mind

A Northampton churchyard photographed at night highlighting the various headstones

This churchyard scene with a gravestone silhouetted at night was my first attempt at long exposure night photography.  It was taken with my first digital camera, a budget priced Olympus Camedia C-725.  The same little camera I used for the dragonfly photo also featured in this blog.

As far as I can remember, 'that far back', the settings that I used would have been in the region of - film speed 400ASA, aperture f8, and an exposure time of around 8secs.  
The thing I do distinctly remember, however, is that it took quite a number of frustrating attempts before I achieved an image that I was reasonably happy with.

When I got home and looked at the photo on the computer, I was instantly reminded of the many happy hours spent as a lad sitting in a smoky cinema (under age) watching virtually every Hammer Horror film that came out.  In the image above I could easily imagine Christopher Lee, draped in his trademark black cloak, rising up from inside one of the graves.  

On a historical note, the churchyard where I took the photo is in the Abington area of Northampton, which contains the grave of Elizabeth Barnard, who was the granddaughter of the famous poet and playwright, William Shakespeare.

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